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lipe about     A Portal was created by Felipe Solorzano in his search to find Suppliers and Services for his jobs or home needings. In the face of this need to find suitable and genuinely original services such as handymen, professionals or special products businesses for a labor, these situations of our daily life   revealed the lack of information available on the internet concentrated in one place for all kinds of good services.
  This is how the idea came about to create RelyMarket Portal to promote all kinds of services, providing a great place where all the companies and individuals that offer this kind of services in the different cities of the United States and in other countries, can attract and announce to the population the services they offer in a centrally Local,National or International way.
  Likewise, offers the consumer the best place on the internet where you can find a variety of companies and people who offer the services they are looking for. The Portal is a site developed in English but translatable in several languages which are available in the translator of the site in order to reach all users and bring all suppliers in the American Union and the whole world.
  In addition, the commitment of is always to find the consumer the right supplier or service at the right time, and all our advertisers and service providers are committed to be transparent and honest with customers who hire them through our Portal and If anyone was dishonest you can report it to our company through contact form disponible or publish it in the area of complaints dedicated to the satisfaction of the clients of our portal.
  Thank you very much for visiting our Portal, I invite you to browse through it and discover everything you can find for a labor or service, and tell the friend or business that you think need it and come back again, in our Portal you will be welcome!



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